The Big Trip

 Yes, it’s the Big Trip!!!

(it will help if every time you see the words “Big Trip”, you picture this in your head.


Once upon a time, there were two naive caravanners who thought that a Big Trip with the caravan would be both fun and easy.

This is the story of our intrepid heroes and how they found out that “fun” and “easy” are relative terms……..

It started with an idea.  The idea was….. we need to visit Scotland.  We need to go to Donington in August.

Grant said…’s an idea – why don’t we drive from Glasgow to Donington and include it in the holiday?  We could come home from Anglesey.

Terri said…..ok let me look at options.

Having checked the various options, it became clear that actually, the most cost effective way to do this would be to take the caravan.  Well, on paper, it certainly looked that way.

Many discussions were had – not least of which was “remember, you’re going to have to do all the driving – are you *sure* you want to do this?”

Eventually it was decided……… BIG TRIP!!

So what did the BIG TRIP consist of?


  • Drive from Dublin to Belfast
  • Stay overnight at Dundonald Caravan Park
  • Get ferry to Cairnryan
  • Drive to Glasgow
  • Drop caravan off at Craigendmuir Caravan Park
  • Stay with Mammy in law
  • Pick up caravan and drive to The Woods Caravan Park in Alloa
  • 2 days marshalling at Knockhill
  • Drive back to Glasgow
  • Drop caravan off at Craigendmuir Caravan Park
  • Stay with Mammy in law
  • Drive from Glasgow to Donington
  • Stay 2 nights at Donington Farm Hotel Caravan Park
  • Drive from Donington to Anglesey
  • Stay 2 nights at Blackthorn Farm Caravan Park
  • Get ferry from Holyhead back to Dublin Port
  • Home

It seemed feasible.  It really did…………………..

Five countries, three circuits, 14 days, over 1000 miles.  Two fat forty somethings, in a confined space, with a slightly temperamental car.  What could possibly go wrong……..

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