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Ask Amy: My cousin is dating a married guy. Just how do I cope with that?

Ask Amy: My cousin is dating a married guy. Just how do I cope with that?

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Dear Amy: not long ago i discovered that my more youthful cousin is dating a married guy. They’ve been dating for several months.

Needless to say, he claims he had been never ever deeply in love with their spouse, etc. They usually have kids. She portrays him once the target, trapped within an marriage that is unhappy.

They appear to be dating freely. Her buddies have actually met him and their co-workers find out about the connection.

My sis claims he wants a divorce that he recently told his wife.

We have a tremendously difficult time thinking or respecting anyone who would disrespect their wedding therefore outwardly.

My cousin has stood she wants me to not judge her, and to respect her decision to move forward and continue in this relationship by me through all of my many past relationships and trials, and now.

I’m having this type of time that is hard understanding that you will find nameless/faceless people on the reverse side with this equation. I’m a mother of small children and can’t assistance but imagine exactly exactly exactly exactly what it might be like for them if their dad cheated to them.

I’ve also witnessed the divorces of family and friends and I also discover how things that are messy get. Continue reading →