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Being released as bisexual to my tennis teammates

Being released as bisexual to my tennis teammates

By Manish PandeyNewsbeat reporter

“There isn’t anything to hide more. Everything is excellent because I’m these days just being myself.”

Sitting on the golf pitch in a circle together with his teammates, Jahmal Howlett-Mundle didn’t know what is the feedback could well be when he proceeded to come out as bisexual to his own teammates at Sheppey United soccer team.

“Maybe it’d be a touch of silence and a few group might take me for me,” the 24-year-old, semi-professional footballer say advertising 1 Newsbeat.

But Jahmal’s teammates were positive and supportive.

“as soon as known the applause and good response, I was shed for phrase. The fact all you need to put their unique provide around me personally, I am unable to explain how elated we believed.”

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