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Baptist-Hindu few write how-to ebook on interfaith relationship

Baptist-Hindu few write how-to ebook on interfaith relationship

(RNS) When she enrolled on eHarmony, the web page expected J. Dana Trent just what faiths

Baptist minister J. Dana Trent and her partner, Fred Eaker, a former Hindu monk, achieved five-years earlier by making use of eHarmony. Pic pleasantness McClure Muntsinger Advertising

(RNS) Growing up Baptist, J. Dana Trent known plenty of cautions about interfaith love.

Marrying an incorrect people — called are “unequally yoked” — could destroy your own trust and the marriage.

But several years after marrying a former Hindu monk, Trent claims she’s a significantly better Christian than in the past.

“I experienced being complacent my personal Christianity,” explained Trent, an ordained Baptist minister. “Now my personal institution and spirituality have grown to be alot more added in my own lifetime.”

Trent say the storyplot of their interfaith relationship in the latest book “Saffron mix: The extremely unlikely history of exactly how a Christian Minister Married a Hindu Monk.” Out this week from Nashville, Tenn.-based clean air guides, “Saffron combination” falls under a current mini-boom of information to interfaith relationship and relatives. Continue reading →