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We surrender. ….

Waiting to get on the ferry back to Dublin. …

Elapsed Travel Time: 00:36:26
Km Driven: 1659.4
Petrol Used: 6 tanks and we’ve half a tank left
Show Tunes Sung: 0 – but there have been several plaintive choruses of “why does it always rain on me”
Fights: 0 amazingly

When we get back and I’ve had some sleep, I’ll organise all these posts better and put up the longer sections.

Overall, given the time, distance and various dramas, I think we’ve done pretty well!

Aaaand….we’re in Wales!

5th country in 13 days!

Elapsed Travel Time: 00:33:45
Km Driven: 1493
Petrol Used: we just got another tank.  We got vouchers for free pizza.
Show Tunes Sung: 0
Fights: 0 with each other – however, beamer guy very nearly left the petrol station with his goolies stapled to his stupid fake twin exhaust!

Welcome to Wales – beware of badgers apparently. ..

Now leaving the service station of Arsewittery

Ok you never hear the phrase “I’m looking forward to the service station” or “as civilised as a service station” (unless sarcasm is being deployed) but even so….. every shred of self control I have left was used to avoid killing ignorant twonks and their uncontrolled and hopped up on sugar hell spawn.

A particular shout out to the beamer guy who parked at the first petrol pump, thus completely blocking the second one, filling his knobmobile, then leaving said knobmobile at the pump while he went in to get a coffee and a sandwich made up before paying for his fuel.

I hope you got diesel instead of petrol and I hope your next shite is.a hedgehog……..