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Stuff that broke!

And….. the TV aerial has blown off somewhere along the way. 

The car aerial broke off pretty early on the Glasgow – Donington leg (possibly due to the addition of a foam pirate flag).

So…. the list of stuff to repair is currently:
Waste water connection mounting.
Bed slats.
New TV aerial.
Possibly water pump.
Car radio aerial.
Possibly Audi air suspension compressor.

Mr Happy Charger

So we bought an adaptor thingy that turns a cordless drill into a “stop knackering your back winding the corner legs” doodah.  £5 from The Caravan Shop, Gt. Western Rd.   Now all we need is a cordless drill!

There were quite a few in Homebase, ranging from cheap and cheerful to black and yellow and menacing.  The kind if thing Darth Vader would use to tighten his scrotum bolts.

Settled on a cheap one and was surprised when it came with Mr Happy Charger!  He really wants to keep your battery charged!


And we’re off!!!!

Unhooked from electric.
Alfred (Hitch-lock) removed.


Time to reverse the car up and hook it up…..


Damn I’m good!!!!!! With help from Terri for distance but in terms of position… yeah baby!!!!

Now on board Stennnnnnaaaaa in the Plus Lounge! So its cappuccino time!


Now for some relaxing and……

Oh, bugger!!!

Plan was to fill the car up when we had it unhooked and were out shopping/getting chips.  So we’ll be looking for a petrol station on the Scottish side.  As long as I don’t have to reverse we’ll be fine!

That time of the morning…..

No changes to the numbers!

It’s that time where segregation of duties takes place.  Majority of the external packing is done, waiting for the washing up to be finished so things like waste water tank can be emptied, then it’ll be legs up, balls engaged (tow ball you perverts!) and time to drag it to the port!