Stuck in another traffic jam outside Stoke (we think!)

Argh – bank holiday Friday traffic from the Planet Hell!!

Elapsed Travel Time: 00:28:01
Km Driven: 1209
Petrol Used: none – we’re not moving.  At this rate, we’ll die here and remaining petrol can be used to cremate our wizened corpses…
Show Tunes Sung: none – will to live sucking musical tendancies out through my left nostril
Fights: 0 – unless you count the prick in the Alfa trying to cut in front of us

Meanwhile, the siren song of Alton Towers still tinkles gently, trying to persuade us that we really *do* prefer rollercoasters to motorsport.

However, since we’re trapped in the moebius traffic jam of doom, our will is not being tested too severely. ….