Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Fife we go….

New addition to the caravanning arsenal – electric drill with adaptor so we don’t have to manually put the legs up and down.


We dont need a caravan - we need an Ark!!

Luckily we just got Evil packed and hooked up before the torrential rain started.  New challenge for Grant – driving on a motorway with zero visibility in a flood with a caravan in tow!

Elapsed Travel Time: 00:10:22
Km Driven: 456.7
Petrol Used: 18.4 lhk (1.5 tanks so far)
Show Tunes Sung: several – Queen’s Greatest Hits….
Fights: 0 (so far)
Gadgets purchased – 2 (drill and drill adaptor)

Next stop, Woods Caravan Park which satnav thinks we’ll make in 30 mins….