React in haste, repent at Leisure (battery)

So, it was pretty fraught on Tuesday, we’d had battery problems previously,  so we made an assumption.

What does an assumption do…..?

After hooking up Evil to the electric in Belfast overnight, we had a flat battery in the morning – although still working ok with the motor mover.

After checking the battery this morning with a multimeter, it’s charged but not getting a feed from the caravan.

Long story short,  blown fuse on the loop that feeds the caravan……. that’s why no power and why battery was not charging…..

On the one hand, I’m thinking that we didn’t need a new battery after all – BUT – we wouldn’t have got enough charge into the existing one to get us on the road on Tuesday anyway – and with leisure batteries,  if they fully discharge, you only have a 50/50 chance of getting it back, so given the circumstances,  even if we’d known the root cause, we would still have had to buy a battery.

Curse you tiny yellow fuse and your evilness!!!