The Mega-Trip!

So, it’s time for our mega-trip!

Getting ambitious this time.  Our previous longest trips have been in the order of 100 mile round-trips to River Valley which is really just down the road.   Even the Anglesey trips aren’t that long as the driving time each side is on the order of 30 minutes.

So this time we’re taking the plunge and getting adventurous.  This one is something like 600 miles, so it’ll be a test of patience and towing power.

Itinerary is:

  • Dublin
  • Belfast
  • Ferry to Cairnryan
  • Glasgow
  • Fife
  • Back to Glasgow
  • Donington
  • Anglesey
  • Back to Dublin

It looks even more impressive on a map!


So we set off Tuesday, and hopefully we’ll be updating along the way!

Watch This Space!