Monthly Archives: July 2013

Back tae Glasgae

Elapsed Travel Time: 00:14:34
Km Driven: 616.4
Petrol Used: 18.1 lhk (2.25 tanks)
Show Tunes Sung: still just Queen’s Greatest Hits and one chorus of the “Stupid Deaths” song
Fights: 0 – must try harder. …..
Caravan steps buggered – 1

Well that was actually our longest consecutive stay in Evil.  I’ll do a write up of our adventures when I get to a full keyboard!

Mr Happy Charger

So we bought an adaptor thingy that turns a cordless drill into a “stop knackering your back winding the corner legs” doodah.  £5 from The Caravan Shop, Gt. Western Rd.   Now all we need is a cordless drill!

There were quite a few in Homebase, ranging from cheap and cheerful to black and yellow and menacing.  The kind if thing Darth Vader would use to tighten his scrotum bolts.

Settled on a cheap one and was surprised when it came with Mr Happy Charger!  He really wants to keep your battery charged!


Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Fife we go….

New addition to the caravanning arsenal – electric drill with adaptor so we don’t have to manually put the legs up and down.


We dont need a caravan - we need an Ark!!

Luckily we just got Evil packed and hooked up before the torrential rain started.  New challenge for Grant – driving on a motorway with zero visibility in a flood with a caravan in tow!

Elapsed Travel Time: 00:10:22
Km Driven: 456.7
Petrol Used: 18.4 lhk (1.5 tanks so far)
Show Tunes Sung: several – Queen’s Greatest Hits….
Fights: 0 (so far)
Gadgets purchased – 2 (drill and drill adaptor)

Next stop, Woods Caravan Park which satnav thinks we’ll make in 30 mins….