Cleaning the Caravan…….

Well well well, hey hey hey, it’s 2012!!!!!!

A new season, a new tow car and Evil is out of hibernation!

We bought evil a nice weatherproof cover to protect it from the horrors of the terrible winter and snow we’d been promised was arriving as early as October 2011.  Well there was no snow in October.  Or November.  Or December……..

When February arrived, we decided it probably wasn’t going to arrive at all and decided it was time to take Evil out of hibernation and check her out for the new season.

Taking off the cover wasn’t quite as bad as we expected and we even managed to fold it up to fit back into its bag.  Take note, memory foam mattresses!

So then it was time to do the “big clean”.

We’d shut down the caravan as per the instructions from the great John Wickersham, and I was very happy to find that we didn’t seem to have had any problems at all.

We’d been given a tip from a taxi driver to put tubs of salt in the caravan to soak up condensation.  Well that was bloody good advice!  I’d used three big tubs of dishwasher salt and they were swimming in water – but Evil was nice and dry!  However, there was a faintly mouldy smell that had me worried.

Armed with cleaning fluid and cloths, I set about putting everything to rights.

The sitting area was fine – I just needed to put all the cushions back in place and wipe down the surfaces and all was fine.  No mould, no damp.

Maybe the toilet….?  Nope.  With the exception of a couple of mummified spiders and a rather confused looking moth, loo area was dry and just smelling faintly of loo cleaning fluid.

Kitchen area was clear as well.  Very faint mouldy smell in the wardrobe, but no damp found.

So where was it coming from?

Ok next step was to check all the cupboards.  I was intending to take out all the delph and cutlery and run them through the dishwasher anyway, so off I went.

  • Overhead lockers –  check
  • Drinks cabinet – check
  • Under sink area – check
  • Little flap where the BBQ stuff lives……… oh deary me.

After taking out all the BBQ tools and bits and bobs, the source of the smell became quickly apparent.

We had a BBQ at Anglesey back in July last year.  You may remember I wrote about it.  Turns out that at some point, I’d thrown a couple of bread rolls into the cupboard and they must have flipped over the back panel and landed at the back of the BBQ tool storage area.

Ever seen an 8 month old bread roll?  Would you like to?  Because I took pictures.

I used the BBQ tongs to pick up the packet……..

On the plus side, no mouldy smell!

After a thorough cleaning and opening all the windows, we had a clean, shiny caravan with no smell of mould.

I have to admit to being worried – even though we’d followed all the “close down” instructions, let’s be honest, we’re not the most practical of people and I had the horrors that we were going to open up to something that looked like a scene from the opening of Alien!

So….now we have a shiny caravan, ready to use….. we just needed something to pull it….!