The First Outing

Points taken: 

  • Even if it SAYS so, and even if says it will work a Megane 1.4 doesn’t pull well up hills!  Time for a Jeep! (See previous comments about being overtaken by a Smart)
  • Awnings aren’t known as a “Fight In A Bag” for nothing.
  • Flagpoles ROCK!
  • Reversing is evil!
  • Motor Movers Rock!
  • We STILL have a mystery bit of metal in the front locker that we have NO idea what it does or where it goes.
  • If the fresh water tank needs refilled then the waste tank needs emptied!
  • Those were NOT mugs they were thimbles with handles!

Anyways, some pics!

Fight In A Bag (Out of the bag!)

Digging for the bag after it blew under the car

Constructing the worlds longest magic wand